Phaco Training

Cataract Training (Phacoemulsification training)

We offer two different types of Phacoemulsification courses. Both courses are offered in Vadodara, India, under highly experienced surgeons. Please note that if you are not registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI), you will need temporary registration with the MCI. You can find the details here.

Short Term Intensive Course (Module 1 or 3):

The short term course allows the trainee to perform operations on about 20 eyes, under the supervision and guidance of the clinic surgeons over a period of 10 days. The trainee will learn incision architecture, capsulorhexis, hydisssection and hydro dileaneation, nucleus sculpting and division, various phaco techniques, cortical cleanup, as well as lens implantation. While the trainee will perform the surgery, the experienced consultant and teacher will be on hand to guide the trainee at each step, and to take over surgery if there is a likelihood of a problem. Each procedure will be taped, and the tape reviewed along with the experienced surgeon. If there is a perceived need, didactic lectures will also be taken every evening.

 3 week Long Intensive Phaco Course (Module 2):

This will be similar to the short term course, except that the number of eyes that the trainee will get to operate on will be 60, of which 20 will be unsupervised (in case the senior consultant is satisfied). At the end of this course, it is expected that the trainee will master the technique of phacoemulsification, and will be in a position to do surgery independently.

 Information on Course Modules

Module 1

The aim of this module is to make a person aware about the procedure of cataracts and introduction and getting started.
» Tunnel Incision (Scleral Tunnel / Side Port)
» Capsulorhexis.
» An Introduction to clear Corneal Tunnel.
» Hydro dissection.
» Nucleus rotation.
» General Introduction & Observation of Phaco.


Module 2

The aim and the objective of this level is to make a person reasonable capable of doing a normal phaco procedure (grade 2 and grade 3 cataracts).
» Understanding a Phaco Procedure.
» Understanding the machine / Concept and design.
» Principles of Phacoemulsification.
» Theory & Practical aspects of Sculpting.
» Sculpting (Preparing a Groove)
» Cracking of Nucleus.
» Emulsification ( Eating up the cracked parts)
» Automatic I /A.
» IOL Placement in the bag.

Module 3 (Advanced Course)

The aim of this module is to teach doctors the advanced levels of Phacoemulsification.
» Principles of doing Advanced cataracts.
» The principles explained as to why and how of operating a Mature/ Brown / Small Pupil cataract.
» Cracking the nucleus in the bag.
» Extra care Methods / Techniques to be employed.
» Practical Hands on Training.
» Trouble shooting.


 What course and duration should you choose?

  Level 0

     Recommended Course
This level would basically cater to those doctors who would naturally be having a valid ophthalmic degree but also those who would not have had a chance to see or assist in a Cataract Operation.
Our advise to you would be to undergo both the modules, since you would require a comprehensive study of the procedure.

  Level 1

     Recommended Course
This level would basically cater to those doctors who would naturally be having a valid ophthalmic degree but also those who would not have had a chance to see or assist in a Cataract Operation.
Ideally the total No. of days required to complete the course would be Twenty Three. During this time you shall be offered more than 60 Eyes as part of your training program. Of course the transition from module 1 to 2 would depend on the skills of the trainee.

  Level 2

     Recommended Course
If you feel that ECCE are passé and you know how to make a capsulorhexis perfectly, with the added advantage of having done Small incision cataracts to the tune of 50 or thereabouts, we would recommend you start from this level.
We would recommend that you start out with Module Two.You would require to devote at least Twenty Days for the training program. During the training you shall be given hands on training and more than Sixty eyes shall be offered as part of the training package.

  Level 3

     Recommended Course
If you fulfill the criteria listed for level Two and also have the distinguished advantage of having done more than 50 small incision surgeries then this level was tailor made for you.
If you are opting for this level you are ready to begin with the Phaco procedure hence you would only require 10 days to complete the course, during which time you shall be offered Thirty eyes.

  Level 4

     Recommended Course
If you have been doing Phaco Surgery on a Normal Basis (Grade 2 and 3 routinely) and if Brown Cataracts/ Small Pupils and mature cataracts fascinate you and the urge to move onto uncharted waters drives you then we advise you to start here.
This Module is ideally slated to be completed in 10 days, during which time a total number of 30 eyes shall be made available to you consisting of the more difficult categories.

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