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Ophthalmology Training in India

Welcome to the training website of New Vision Laser Centers/LaseRx. We are one of India’s premier post-medical education training institutions for eye surgeons.  Ophthalmology is a field in which new technology and new techniques emerge with high rapidity. It is very difficult for an eye surgeon to keep up with the theory and practice of new technologies and techniques, while still continuing to do routine practice. The problems are many:  Sometimes, it is difficult to try new techniques by oneself, without any mentor standing by.  An experienced mentor can easily pick up small mistakes, which may not be so obvious to the lay surgeon. Sometimes, medical education has prepared the eye surgeon very well for theoretical aspects of surgery, but has not provided many opportunities for more practical “hands on” training. Sometimes, the dearth of patients in the regular practice does not allow quick refinement of the eye surgeon’s skill with the new techniques and technology.


Our Training

We offer Femto-LASIK training on the VisuMax Femtosecond Laser
LASIK Training

This is where the training provided by our institutions is very useful. We provide high class,non-threatening atmosphere and fully mentored training programs for Microkeratome LASIK, Femto LASIK, ReLEx Phacoemulsification, SICS, Laser DCR, Corneal Cross Linking, and Glaucoma. The programs are “hands-on”- surgeons get extensive surgical experience. They are all  “one on one”, where a highly experienced faculty member closely supervises the training , and guides the trainee through every step of the procedure, till they are convinced that the trainee has sufficient proficiency. We provide a high volume of surgical cases in a relatively short period of time. Highly experienced faculty members, who are also very proficient in training other eye surgeons, are an integral part of these training programs.

Training Programs


Our training programs are most suited for the busy ophthalmologist, who either wants exposure to new technology and techniques in a quick manner. Trainees are only expected to attend training sessions. We do not expect them to help in running of the clinic. This leaves them a great deal of free time to read, discuss cases with faculty members, review videos and take care of their affairs back home.

Learn Phaco and Cataract Surgery in India
Step by Step Phaco Training

However, we offer training modules for every level of skill and competence level. Whether you have just completed residency  or whether you are an experienced eye surgeon, we have modules which will take you from one level of competence to others, depending on the number of eyes you choose to operate.

Who and Where


Our training programs are led by our Clinical Director, Dr. Rupal Shah, who is one of India’s well known refractive surgery specialists, and who has personally trained hundreds of doctors.

Leading Refractive Eye Surgeon
Dr. Rupal Shah, Clinical Director

Our training programs are generally carried out in our Vadodara, Gujarat  center. Vadodara is a medium sized prosperous city in Western India, which is well known for its culture and education. It is modern and clean and has extremely high levels of safety. There are many hotels and restaurants in the close vicinity of our center, to suit every budget.

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