MCI Registration

All participants in our courses have to be registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI). In case you have not got registration with the Medical Council of India (If you are a foreign national, for example), you will have to obtain temporary registration with the MCI. We will do our best to help you obtain this registration. However, we cannot assure you that registration will be granted by the MCI.

You can download the form for this registration Temporary_Registration_Non-Schedule. Please fill this form. Please send it us, along with all supporting documents, and a banker’s cheque or wire transfer of USD 200. We will forward the same to the MCI. The USD 200 will cover the fees charged by the MCI (Rs. 5000), as well as administrative effort from our side.

Please budget at least 3 months for the MCI registration process. You can take dates for training 3 months after submitting the application for temporary registration.