LASIK Training

LASIK Training

We offer three types of LASIK training courses, in addition to the femtosecond LASIK training program.

Our first, and most popular offering is our intensive LASIK training course. Our intensive LASIK course is a 3 day course, in a group format, which focuses on both LASIK theory and practical aspects. The first day of the course has lectures giving an overview of laser refractive surgery and patient selection and counseling, a round-up of technology considerations with regard to topography, microkeratomes and excimer lasers, and a discussion on surgical technique.

Intensive LASIK Course with hands on training
Doctors attending the Intensive LASIK Course which combines theory with hands on training

The second day of the course focuses on surgical pearls, management of intra-operative and post-operative complications, re-treatments and alternate treatments like PRK, LASEK, and phakic IOLs. On the third day, the course looks at customized ablations (both wavefront and topography linked), new diagnostic technologies, marketing LASIK and special considerations. Throughout the course, there are wet labs, surgical demonstrations and “hands-on” surgical experiences. Depending on their needs and budget, participants can perform LASIK on 2, 4 or 6 eyes during the course.

Intensive LASIK Training Course
We offer wet labs during the intensive LASIK course, for familiarization with the microkeratome


The Intensive LASIK Course is designed for those eye surgeons who are likely to being performing laser refractive surgery soon, or who have just bought an excimer laser, or who want a quick refresher on LASIK.  We have been conducting our intensive LASIK course since 17 years, and more than 1200 surgeons have taken advantage of the course. The 57th edition of the course will be held in Mumbai from 22nd to 24th March, 2018. Please see 57th Intensive LASIK training Course for more details.


Our second type of LASIK training is a “personalized” training. This type of training is far more geared towards “hands-on” surgery, than on theory. Participants have a choice of performing a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 LASIK procedures by themselves in a short time (2 days to a week). In addition, they will get to observe expert laser surgeons performing advanced LASIK procedures. This “personalized” training course is conducted in a “one-on-one” format, where an expert LASIK surgeon mentors the live surgical experience throughout the procedure. This type of “personalized” LASIK training is most suitable for those doctors or their institutions who have just bought a laser or who are contemplating buying a laser, or who have got access to a laser. It is also suitable for those people who want to feel confident about performing LASIK.


Our third type of LASIK training is an one day course on “Advanced LASIK”. This is meant for those surgeons who have been doing LASIK since some time, and who want a quick update on advanced topics in LASIK, including advanced screening techniques, including interpretation of OCT and Pentacam Images,  customized treatments (both wavefront and topography), treatments for presbyopia, corneal biomechanics, complications and femto-LASIK. This type of training is conducted in small groups, and is most suitable for eye surgeons who already have extensive experience in performing LASIK.

We offer all three LASIK Training courses at our Vadodara and Mumbai (Baroda and Bombay) Centers in India

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