Laser DCR Training

Laser DCR Training

External DCR is a procedure with high rates of success, but an involved surgical procedure. External DCR surgery can a) result in medical emergencies,b)  leave an external scar behind, and c) needs to be performed on an in-patient basis. Furthermore, it is a procedure which requires a skilled surgeon to perform the surgery in a manner which gives good results. It cannot be perfomed easily on those patients who are on anti-coagulants. Finally, should a re-stenosis occur, it is very difficult to create.

Endoscopic DCR does remove the possibility of a facial scar, but it is generally a procedure performed by an ENT surgeon, and not an ophthalmologist. Moreover, all the other problems with External DCR are also likely with Endoscopic DCR.


Laser DCR ought to be called endoscopically assisted transcannallicular laser DCR.  It involves pushing a laser fiber through the lower punctum, and then using this fiber to create an osteum just above the middle turbinate. The laser used is good for both cutting and coagulation. This avoids many of the problems of external DCR. There is no emergency, it can be performed under local anesthesia on an out-patient basis, it leaves no scar, can be perfomed by every ophthalmologist, is no problem for patients on anti-coagulants, and is easily repeatable.


New Vision Laser Centers-Centre for Sight are amongst the pioneers of this procedure. One of our group companies, Star Lasers, also manufactures the laser and accessories needed for Laser DCR. The sequence of pictures below shows the different steps of the Laser DCR procedure.

Laser DCR training
Laser DCR training is exclusively offered at New Vision Laser Centers

We offer a 2 day Laser DCR Training , for the surgeon who wants to know more about this exciting procedure, or who has purchased a laser and would like to know the best technique of performing this procedure.

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