Femto-LASIK and SMILE Training

Femto-LASIK and SMILE Training

Femtosecond Lasers have invaded the domain of ophthalmology in the last decade.  The varied applications of femto lasers include making the LASIK flap using a femto laser, doing PK, DALK and DSAEK and making tunnels to implant intracorneal ring segments. Newer emerging applications include completing steps in cataract surgery, like creating corneal incisions, doing CCC, and nucleus pre-chopping. One of the most succesful procedures is SMILE, where the entire refractive procedure is completed using only a femtosecond laser. We offer both femto-LASIK training as well as SMILE training to eye surgeons desirous of mastering the same.

Femto-LASIK Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ci0i9FpAEo)

Femto LASIK Training
We do VisuMax Femto-LASIK Training

SMILE is one of the most promising procedures that is likely, over the next few years, to completely displace the excimer laser.

New Vision Laser Centers and Dr. Rupal Shah are some of the pioneers of the SMILE all in one femtosecond refractive laser procedure, and currently, we have the highest experience worldwide with this procedure. See this Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv24laZmDak). Many of the surgeons currently doing ReLEx procedures around the world first underwent ReLEx training at New Vision Laser Centers under Dr. Rupal Shah

ReLEx smile training
As one of the pioneers of the ReLEx smile procedure, we have trained many surgeons on the innovative smile surgery

Currently, we offer “hands-on” courses on femto-LASIK and ReLEx. Please contact Neha Amin for more details.

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